Nurgush mountain range


    The ridge is located in the territory of the Zyuratkul National Park. The total length of the ridge is about 50 km. Nurgush is conditionally divided into three parts - Big, Medium and Small.

    Big Nurgush is located in the northern part of the ridge from Mount Lukash to the First Nurgush Pass, its length is only 8-9 km. It has the highest peak in the Chelyabinsk region - 1406 m above sea level. The approaches to the Big Nurgush are difficult. Often the path is crossed by clean mountain keys, numerous swamps and swamps, a dense forest with fallen trees, eversion, chaotic piles of stones. Bears, moose, martens, weasels, squirrels, and other animals live in the forests. The upper belt of the ridge is represented by a char (subalpine) zone.

    Peaks, as a rule, are crowned with huge quartzite outliers in the form of pillars, trapezoids, cones, cones, walls, crests, ruins. Huge areas are occupied by “stone seas” and “stone rivers” (kurums), sliding on both sides of the ridge. At the top of 1406 m, the Kurums recede, and a huge green tundra plateau with an area of ​​8-9 square meters opens in front of tourists. km, covered with mosses, mocks and other cold-resistant grasses. The plateau is one of the largest in the Chelyabinsk region. The lower boundary of the mountain tundra lies at around 988 m. A powerful quartzite wall runs along the center of the plateau.

    To the south-west of the peak of 1406 m, another powerful peak of Bolshoi Nurgush, 1393 m, opens. It rises in the form of a giant dome made of huge quartzite blocks, which are dangerous and risky to walk along. The third significant peak is a height of 1059 m. It is crowned with a huge blunt outlier and stone ruins at its foot. This height is located at the very northern beginning of the ridge.

    Translated from the Bashkir language, Nurgush means "radiant radiant bird." And indeed the outlines of the slopes resemble a flying bird sparkling in the sun. The slopes of the ridge are covered with dark coniferous trees. Closer to the top - the forest-tundra reigns with stones, moss, and lichen.

    Nurgush is very popular among travelers who want to see the indescribable beauty of the Ural region from a bird's eye view.