Как добраться в Саткинский район Челябинской области из любого города России

How to get to Satka from any city in Russia

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Satka is located in the northwestern part of the Chelyabinsk region, 180 km. from the city of Chelyabinsk, 250 km. from Ufa (the Republic of Bashkortostan) and 320 km. from the city of Yekaterinburg.

Arriving in the city of Satka and the Satka district is possible by the following means of transport:

Bus and taxi;
There is no airport in Satka, planes do not fly here. From anywhere in Russia you can get to one of the cities by air:

Next, you just need to change to a bus or train that will take you to your destination.

By bus to Satka, it will be more convenient and easier to get from these cities. The fact is that the trains in Satka do not stop, the nearest railway stations are located in the village of Suleia and the city of Berdyaush, which is not far from the desired city, but still you have to transfer from the train to a bus or minibus.

It may happen that in the near future there are no bus flights, but there is a train. In this case, any tourist decides to go, albeit with another change, but he will not have to wander around the place of stay in anticipation of more convenient transportation.

Berdyaush Satka
Almost at the railway station "Berdyaush" there is a bus stop, and from it you can reach the final destination - to Satka. Minibuses pass at intervals of 15-20 minutes, flight No. 403 runs to Satka.

Sulea Satka
From the railway station "Suleya" to the bus stop about 5 minutes on foot. Next you need to wait for a minibus or bus number 410, on it you will reach Satka.

Buses Ufa Satka
From the bus station to Satka can be reached in two flights:

Ufa-Chelyabinsk. You will need to exit at the stop at the turn on Satka M5.

Ufa Satka. This route will take passengers to Satka bus station.

Bus routes Chelyabinsk-Satka
Several flights go from Chelyabinsk to Satka. At the bus station, you will need to wait for one of the following:

Buses Ekaterinburg-Satka
Only one bus leaves from Yekaterinburg bus station to Satka - under number 842. Flight schedules need to be checked at the bus station, there are several of them per day (the last one leaves at 21.00 local time).

Any of the buses to Satka gets to the bus station. Here you can grab a bite to eat at the café before heading further.

What's next?
At the bus station, city minibuses and buses call numbers 22, 24, 9, 23, 2. You can get to the city center by everyone except No23, but in any case you need to clarify: to the village or not (since transport can move in the opposite direction).

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Have a nice time in our city!